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Styles Of Architecture

Styles Of Architecture

Architecture affects our lives in so many ways because it is the art of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures.

A human being’s basic need is architecture, so it has existed for as long as human history has existed. Symbolizing the nation’s culture, traditions, technology, and climate is the nation’s architecture.

Human beings started making houses using mud bricks, then baked these bricks to make them stronger to protect them against other natural disasters.

Architecture is inevitable

There have been many great artists and philosophers who have defined architecture, but there is no static definition. Architecture is the art that directly affects all human beings because a man, no matter how rich, how poor, how tall, or where he lives, will have to face it at some time during his life. Whether we like it or not, it can’t be avoided. This is how architecture affects our lives.

William Morris defined architecture as the “molding and altering to the human needs of the very face of the earth itself.”

According to John Rustin, it is the art for all to learn because all are concerned with it. It is affected by climate, culture, technology and needs of the society. The architecture of a nation highly depicts the taste of its people. Architecture is also considered frozen music. Sir Henry Watson says that architecture is commodity, firmness and delight.

New inventions

New inventions are done every day in the fields of technology, chemistry, and many other scientific fields. Many of the new materials have been developed artificially at a low cost by architects and chemists. Currently, architecture is a mixture of structuralist, formalist, high-tech, extrovert, and neo-expressionist influences.

Modern architecture is simple, less ornamental, and people-oriented due to the fast-growing industries and professionalism. The ideas and inspiration behind modern architecture are expansive and intriguing.

As architecture becomes increasingly complex, various branches are further divided. Environmental hazards are common. Environmentalism is one of the key issues today, so architects try to design eco-friendly buildings.

In conclusion

We are greatly impacted by architecture, whether it is good or bad. To save our planet earth and to shape its face in a beautiful way, its architecture must be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Although many trends have come and gone, its only purpose is to provide a home for human beings, as well as create a realm in which they can live in peace.

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